Overwater Custom 5 String Jazz Bass

Aguilar AG700 Bass Head

Aguilar DB212 Cabinet

DR Bass Strings

Cosmic Ears IEMS

Coda Bow Infinity Bows

Noble Pre Amp/DI

Lakland 55-01 Fretless 5 String

Fender Jazz 4 string

Yamaha TRB 6 string

Yamaha Fretless 4 string

Frantiśek Zakopćanik 1963 Czech Double Bass

Colin Cross Bespoke EUB

Carbondix Bass Bows

Pops Rosin

Roland GAIA Keyboard/Synth

David Eden WT500 head

David Eden 4 x 10 XLT

Mark Bass CMD 12 Combo

Aguilar 1 x 12

D’Addario Strings

Carl Martin Compressor

Aguilar Tone Hammer

Boss OC2 Octave

Electro Harmonix QTron

Electro Harmoix Micro Synth

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